Monday, July 27, 2009

Today will soon be Yesterday!

Where does it go?

It is an obvious fact that after you hit 50 there are not 365 days in a year! It seems like Christmas is every 4 months, summer is shorter, every time you turn around it is time
to add another year to the birthday cake (if you even get one) ha ha! Recently I was listening to this tune by Todd Rundgren "hello its me" and I bet every thot of my youth sprung up on me in a way that just took me back Wow! Oh I know we dont live there anymore but how much the world has changed since then. I am now a husband, a dad, a grandpa, or a "BaPa" if you will retired and I live in Los Banos. Who would have ever thought that all this could take place in such a short amount of time. Really it has been a while now that I look back.

What life would have been like had I surrendered to the Lord so long ago? The fact remains I will never know but this I do know for sure, God is Merciful! It never ceases to amaze me how He has always been there even in spite of myself. Yes time has gone by and only He knows how much is left so I am going to go for the gusto! All that He has for Linda and I.

I could never have made it without the grace of all those around me and you all know who you are. Thank you for always caring and believing in the Lord to show it. Thank you for your prayers for Linda and I and we pray the greatest blessing on the years to come.

In His Grip

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Reflection can you Tell

We had a great time tonight in our Thursday Night Study. It's hard to believe that we keep seeing new faces it seems like every week. We finished the 21st Chapter of Acts and all I gotta say is Paul was one tough, persistent dude. I am so thankful for the Apostle Paul. I learned how to add a play list to this blog and I put some of my favorite tunes as most of you know I love acoustic guitars. I am a product of the 60's but most importantly I love Jesus. I want to thank all of you for keeping us in prayer as well minister here in L.B. God is doing an awesome work
through His people here. Until my next post
keep in His Grip


Sunday, July 19, 2009

A time for Rest!

Now that Sunday is past this is exactly how we feel. We had a great day today in our service and also our prayer time. I want to thank all of you who pray for Linda and I here in Los Banos. It was 107' here today but there is two things that stuck out in my mind.

1. It cools down @ night
2. cold water comes out of the shower

Oh one more thing did I mention we are only 80 Mins from Monterey?

I could not say that in my last place of residence ha ha. It was great to see the people come together @ prayer tonight. It is awesome to see the people rely upon the Lord for ALL their needs. Linda arrived back safely from Colo and started right in with the work here. Guess I am going to have to send her away again for a rest ha ha. Tomorrow will be sort of an off day for me but I still get a chance to hang out with George and whoever else comes by Starbucks for some discipleship. We pray for you often and miss you always.

In His Grip

Friday, July 17, 2009

Home Alone!

I thought I would give you just a couple of more shots from Monterey with the Florants. Here is a great shot with Matthew & ALYSSA (did I spell it right miss smarty pants) ha ha.

Here is Matthew doing what I taught him
"Looking up to Jesus"
Thought I would throw in a shot of Linda and I. Behind her Left shoulder is the Bed & Breakfast we honeymooned in ( yellow Building) Yes this is "Lovers Point" we are standing at. This is where we will have to take Rene & Debbie when they obey the Lord and gets their behinds out here for a visit.
I otherwise wouldn't post this photo or at least do what all the other vain people do and crop it but what the heck. It will also serve as the "before" for our "after" when I take this photo again next year ha ha. Oh laugh now but you just wait!

Linda has been gone since Monday now and it just seems weird not having her here. She is the backbone of this Ministry here in L.B (no not Long Beach) Christ is the head but she is the backbone. She would kill me if she knew I was writing this but hey that's what she gets for being "So Far Away" I think I'll write a song about that! "Anyways" it was pretty noticeable last night that she was not here. After the last person left the study I closed the door and no one else was here ha ha.

It was a great night of Fellowship and some of the folks commented that they had applied Mikes teaching in their lives last week that was awesome to hear. The work of the Lord is growing here not only with people but in hearts and that is where it counts. I told them our goal is to GROW, GROW, GROW in the knowledge & Grace of our Lord and Savior. They were admonished not to come and take up a seat but to apply His word to their lives.

Well you all it is time to go out and mow the lawn in this heat (oops sorry Mike) but I need to get this house ready for my Bride cause she is

In His Grip

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A great week with Friends

This past week Linda and I had the privilege of having our friends Mike and Jill Florant and their two children Allysa & Matthew come to visit. They took a family vacation and came to Ca. It was a wonderful time. We even had the blessing of officiating in their "Re-Committing" of their Marriage Vows on their 1o yr anniversary. What a blessed time. Mike and I also had a chance to golf at the infamous "Poppy Hills" Golf Course near Pebble Beach. We then played the "Del Monte" Golf course on Sat. We all had a great time and what a refreshing it was to have them visit. Mike got a chance to teach our Thurs Night Study and the people loved him. They got to see first hand the work the Lord is doing here in Los Banos. Below is a pic we had taken @ Poppy Hills. I still cant believe he made me walk the Del Monte course ha ha! Just kidding Mike!

Linda and I want to thank Jill for being brave enough to make the trip out and we pray that they all had a good time. We will now have to pack up the car and head to So Cal as Linda will meet Jennifer and her 3 grand babies and head back to Colo to visit. She will fly back on Sat so until then I'm on my own(bummer)
Blessings to all

AL & Linda

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"The Sky is Falling"

I wanted to show you the proof I have of a meteor falling from the sky here in Los Banos. Just left of center between the mountains & the clouds you can see a dark image see it?
Enlarge the photo so you can see it better!
I'm just fooling around I saw this pic when I took it and thought "WOW" but then I found out my camera lens is dirty. I was going to try and pass it off as one of those stories like the virgin Mary's pic on a tortilla but the Lord advised me not to. It is amazing to me how gullible people can be but then again we all fall short somewhere don't we? We are gearing for a busy Month here in L.B on July 4th we will be having a church Picnic/Ordination with Calvary Madera. Yes Yours truly is going to actually receive a piece of paper that satisfies the State of Ca. to do what we have already been doing. You know as we go through the Book of Acts I never see the Apostle Paul get anything from the government but a beat down. His schooling definitely came from hard knocks didn't it. We are also gearing up for a visit from the Florants our friends from AZ. How I love when people come out to visit us. They will spend almost a week here and I will share with you the just of their visit later. Shortly after that Linda will be going to Colorado for about 5 days to see her grand babes. Of course yours truly will stay here and hold up the fort and maybe a few banks and a couple of groceries stores ha ha
We just completed the "Spiritual Formation" lesson on Tues and the people loved it. I know I enjoyed it more watching the light bulbs turn on over their heads. There is soooooo much to do here so would you pls pray for the help!
Thanks & God Bless