Friday, March 26, 2010




After 9 months a new baby is born!

It has been 9 months now since we have filled out paper work for the Affiliation process to "legally" fly the Calvary Dove as our own entity here in Los Banos and it is finally born! We have been an "Outreach Fellowship of Madera" for the entire 21 months since first arriving here in Los Banos to which we thank Pastor John Reyna and all the folks at Calvary Madera.

Linda & I want to express to ANY & EVERYONE who still reads this blog our deepest thanks for all your prayers & support. With out you all we would never be where we are today. I definitely want to write a book about the process and all the "God things" that have happened along the way. Again THANK YOU for laboring with us.

Always In His Grip
Al & Linda

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Church Planting 101

I saw this pic and I thought to myself "That's how I feel some times"

No matter how hard you try to communicate something it just seems like your slamming your head on the board or against the wall ha ha! It is no particular thing its just that is the way life is. Once you do this you land in the water, get rescued, resuscitated and then go back at it again.

Linda and I are looking forward to a break here soon I just don't know exactly when. With Rene & Deb here with us it makes it very possible. We love what the Lord has done & are blessed to be used by Him but we are both missing our grand kids immensely!

Keep us in your prayers and I will update you on some great news regarding the Fellowship.
Oh, Linda is now planting her second season of veggies.

In His Grip