Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hey everyone I just wanted to show you all an update of what my wonderful wife did in her garden
This is a shot of it when she began Feb 21
This is a shot of it below taken Yesterday April 25

This is a shot of her Broccoli

A great shot of her when she cut her first harvest

Here is the happy Gardener from Los Banos

This Broccoli was the most fantastic in color and in taste we had some for dinner

Above is a shot of Linda's Zucchini Squash it is wonderful we can hardly wait to eat it

Above is a shot of her tomatoes they are springing up

This is a shot of her corn that we are looking forward to eating as well

Linda has done extremely well in her adventure here in her garden. She works very hard tending it while I watch. No that is not all I do I have to eat it you know geeeezzz!

All in all Mrs Abdulla has proven she is her Daddy's girl as Her Pop Harry can grow some mean veggies himself. He has been her tech support in this adventure cause he is only a phone call away. Great Work Doll

IN His Grip


Sunday, April 19, 2009

What an amazing week!

Today I was the pond of a surprise Birthday BBQ by the folks here in Los Banos. I mean absolutely NO CLUE what so ever! I have really lost it. Mr. Observant! Mr. Eagle eye! I guess the Bible is clear about the "windows growing dim" I was truly blessed by all their love and their Fellowship.
It is almost surreal to me that next year I will be able to eat from the Seniors menu in some place and will be able to qualify to live in the Senior Adult living complex here in Los Banos. Where in the HECK did the time go?

I also had a very big surprise from my Buddy Mike Florant from Az. Who drives 9 1/2 hrs to hang out with you? A True Brother in the Lord. Mike blessed Linda and I with some heavy duty computer Tech stuff where we now have wireless in our home so Linda doesn't have to wait for me to get off of this computer I am always on. Mike got a chance to see the folks here in Los Banos and encourage them in a devotion about being a compassionate church. Its a great message and for $1,238.32 I can send you your own copy.

Linda and I Miss you Mike and pray for your Family and your 30 hr Famine this week! Tomorrow Linda and I will be joining Tony on a bike ride to Monterey Lord willing so I will keep you posted. Oh, one more thing we are currently eating lettuce form Linda's garden cause that's how we roll in L.B



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Next Step

Praise the Lord for a wonderful Resurrection Sunday that we had here in Los Banos. After much preparation and oversight we finally kicked off our Sunday Morning Service. We were blessed to have an old friend and his wife Brian & Barbara with us. Brian did our worship for us and Barbara welcomed the people along with some of the guys here. We are blessed to announce that there are 4 families who now are going to a place of worship on Sunday mornings because of your much needed prayer!

Linda and I both want to thank you so much for all the prayer that has come our way through all of you. My Son indicated to me that he and my granddaughter Nevaeh also prayed for us. We are now taking the next step on our "Adventure of Faith" what ever that is! God has blessed us with all of you on this trip so again thank you all!

In His Grip

Friday, April 10, 2009

To All Prayer Warriors

It was a great Thursday Night Study we had tonight. Linda got a chance to teach 2 little ones who had never been here before. Their names are Brittney & Craig 7 & 8 yrs old. Their Mom's name is Inez. The children had never been exposed to the Bible and Linda took them through John 3 and the story of Nicodemus. There dad was killed some time ago and interesting enough Inez has been seeking the Lord for the past couple of weeks but doesn't know why! Ha Ha it is pretty obvious to me why. He wants her saved . They live in a City named "Orosi" which is East of Fresno approx 95 miles from here. They were visiting a cousin who attends here (Alex) and decided to come to the study.

We shared the Gospel with her and she still felt nervous to which I told her No Pressure! She had that "I am not sure what to do" look so we prayed for her and told her that God loves her. She was very glad that she came and will be at another gathering on Saturday that I will be sharing at. Please pray for her and her two kids. For salvation and that she may know how much the Lord loves her.

Thanks you all
In His Grip

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

"rejoicing and being glad in it"
Ha ha today is our 3rd Anniversary since that
BIG DAY on April 8 2006 that Linda and I took the plunge down the Aile to what would become the greatest relationship I have ever known. When two people are sold out for Christ and seek to honor and bless one another it can only be great. God truly has blessed us both with a union that is bathed in Him which in turn is bathed in peace. I have never known this kind of peace before which drives me to preserve it no matter what. God is good! When He called us to do this "Adventure of Faith" it was really very easy because of the heart He gave Linda to leave all we had to serve Him. Not once have I heard her complain about her home or belongings. The only thing you see is a heart that desires to show the love of Christ to the folks here in Los Banos.

I better stop for now before she plugs me for speaking of her ha ha!

May the Lord bless you all for all you do for Him as you live for Him
In His Grip
AL & Linda

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nevaeh's Birthday Party

It was Nevaeh's 4th Birthday Party this past weekend and Linda and I made the trip down south to attend. She had a Horsey Birthday cause that is what she loves at this juncture in her life. I thought I would post what we Paks do during Birthday's and you thought it was the Hispanics who came up with the "Pinata"ha ha!

Nevaeh is helping Dad (that would be my Son) hold the rope for other kids to whack the candy machine

Then she had another turn at it and demonstrated how her Bapa taught her to use a stick properly from his former days on the force. Don't mind the leg that was broken off there were no reporters present just family photogs.
Then she collected the sugar impacted morsels and put them in their proper container

You would never believe it from Charlotte's expression but she has a bag full of candy. That is just how she rolls
We had a great time although it was short. We got to see my wonderful Mother in law as well she is so cool I wish all the bud's I have could have a Mom in Law like I do (we miss you Norma)
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