Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update on Dad

Recent Info regarding my Dad

He was released from the hospital with the hope of recovering at home.
The Doctor wants him to give it from 3-8 weeks to see if his liver recovers
and if it doesn't he will be back in the hospital. I wasn't too thrilled with them
saying it would be at that time that they would call all the family members
together to give him a time line!

My prayers are that his liver will recover on its own and that he would
draw close to Jesus during this time. Thank you all for your prayers.

In his Grip

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Celebration @ Calvary L.B

A typical Sunday Service always begins with prayer w/o it we would
not exist.

Lining up for the Tamales
The women love Linda and are so grateful for her

The Men, well they tolerate me. These guys are a blast to teach how
to do the work of the Ministry to. They are waiting for Rene to get here
to have someone to complain to about me!

Blessing's All

Monday, December 21, 2009

Prayer Update

We have seen some positive signs of my Dads liver responding to what is being done only to have him fall backwards. He had a very bad reaction over the weekend where he didn't recognize my sister or his wife. The Doc's feel that the liver may have processed the pain meds @ same time and caused the slight incoherence. I ask that you continue to pray for him as they will be determining whether he will under go a biopsy soon


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Direct Prayer Need

I went to Fresno today to meet with my Dad's Doctor and the ream taking care of him. It seems that the issue has to do specifically with his liver. It has become damaged due to medication prescribed to him over a period of time. They are hoping & I am praying that the liver will begin to heal the cells that are damaged since being taken off the Meds. They are going to keep him in the hospital to monitor him and give him all that is needed to recover. He is very, very uncomfortable with itching all over (liver cant function properly) and is yellow all over. He is not the best patient in the world so it makes his stay worse. Please pray for Gods will in his healing and that my dad will draw close to the Lord during this time like never before.

Prayerfully it will not take as long as they are anticipating for his liver to recover if @ all. Thank you prayer family for all your love & prayers.

In His Grip

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Prayer Request

Please keep my Dad in prayer as he is in the hospital with some serious
issues that the docs cant explain. He may have been given some Med's
that have done some damage to his liver as he is a lot of pain.
He is Al Sr.

Thanks Ya'all


Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Where in TIME

Hey Ya'all I thought I would give you an update!
We wanted to show you a pic of our new place! This is it. It is a pic of the abyss cause that is exactly what the house looks like ha ha. SOOOOO MAAAANNNYY boxes everywhere. Where did all this stuff come from? Best I can tell someone put more stuff in our house in Az
while we were gone.

I don't remember having this much stuff there. I will update more soon.
Thank you for your prayers for us


AL & linda

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks For The Prayers!

This Pic should say it all for us here in Los Banos!

Linda & I want to thank you sooooo much for all your prayers this past weekend we needed them. I cannot even begin to tell you how tired we are with the move and all. We had some great help from Greg, John, Katrina & R.J.

I have no idea what we would have done without them. I told Linda that is my last move the next one will be to heaven where nothing gets packed. Either that or everything gets sold and what ever fits on our Harley we'll keep!

I will post soon as I can hear her in the kitchen putting things away so I better go do my part

God Bless


Friday, November 27, 2009

Its That TIME!

For those who read this blog (?) We are going to be having a whirlwind weekend with moving and preparing messages and dealing with all the untold problems so I am asking for your prayers as we seek to finally move into a "Home."

Since we have been here for the past 18 months this residence was more of a "landing place" for us. We will now be able to call this new place our home. Prayer needs:

Tks & God Bless

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Special Reflection of Thanks

I wanted to write a special post to give thanks to some special people
in mine and Linda's life this past year
I am thankful that Al & Nina took a vacation alone so Linda and I
could spoil my grand daughters rotten
To the Florant Family for being our Friends and allowing us to be a part of their
"Re-stating" of their Vows.
To our wonderful friends Rene & Debbie for coming out to assist us in the work
here in Los Banos. And for all the support and prayers while we were apart.
To Tony & Juana for all the love & support you have given us through all the years

To John & Lupe Reyna for all your prayers & support in this church plant

To all the Los Banians who got us started

To our beloved Friend & prayer partner Mary Wood
( we miss you)
Lastly but never least! I am most thankful for this lovely lady who has literally MADE my life. I have NEVER known a life like this as I have with Linda. She is by far the best "Help Meet" that a man has ever known. I thank God for her. I love you Doll!

As we look forward to what the Lord has for us we will always keep our eyes on Jesus for His coming. His watch and care over us and for everything that The Father has for us.
God Bless You All
In His Grip

Friday, November 20, 2009

Your Desk or Mine?

What a cool Pic I took last year @ the Cotton Gin.
It is amazing that we can see signs all around us and not even flinch. Sometimes the Lord shows us signs about others. Sometimes He shows them about us. No matter what it is He shows us if we will just take the time to Look, Listen, & Learn from them, it will make life easier.

This has been an interesting time for Linda and I as we are about to move into another location here in Los Banos. God has shown us favor with Landlords and I will fill you all in on that in a later post. Today we must get this house prepared for our move next week after Turkey Day!

Prayerfully my new desk wont look like this pic above!
Keep Your Area Clean!


Friday, November 13, 2009

The Final Move!

This past week we found ourselves back in the desert to retrieve the rest of our belongings. We were blessed to have Tony & Our Friend Katrina from our Fellowship make the trip with us. They helped us tremendously and even drove back our veh's for us. It was sad to say goodbye to the house but "we know that in all things God works together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose."

The living Room being torn down
The entryway full of boxes
The Dining Room in shambles
Linda, Katrina & Debbie packing up the Living room
Me taking down the fan Nov 09'
Me putting up the fan July 06'
Of course I had to spend some quality time with Mike Florant
Gilbert Tony Mike ?

Tony and I were blessed to golf with Mike and Brother Gilbert form Calvary Goodyear. Mike I want to tell you "thanks" for all you did to help us with the house and all your friendship @ a time that it was most needed. I pray that Gilbert is as blessed as I to have been able to hang out with you. Linda and I pray for you, Jill & the kids thanks for being such great friends.

None of this could have been possible without the help from wonderful friends. Tony I can never repay you. Katrina thank you for being their for Linda. Debbie and Rene we thank you for all your hospitality and love it will be an honor to serve with you we cant wait. And of course our wonderful Spirit filled Friend & Sister Mary Wood. We pray that the Lord continues to sustain you in your wonderful Ministry to the homeless their in the desert

All in all I have to say that the move went off without a glitch. God is so good to us and we look forward to our new life together in Los Banos.

Lord Bless you all
AL & Linda

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Little Nostalgia

I was feeling a little nostalgic today and thought I would throw up some photos of when we first got here going on 18 months now can you believe it.
Of course this pic is even older than 18 months ago and I do believe that Debbie & Rene were with us in Pismo @ this time
An old familiar pic as this was the first one I used when I started this blog.
Linda and I just love this place and we are about due for another trip soon.
I hope you enjoyed the pics as I'm sure no one looks at this blog any more ha ha!

In His Grip


Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Linda and I wanted to announce to you that our dear friends Rene & Debbie Espinosa have been praying about serving the Lord out here in Los Banos. This is a testimony to the work that the Lord is doing here. Rene has a gift in Administration and Debbie is just plain gifted ha ha! We have missed them tremendously and you can imagine our response when they skyped us and told us what the Lord put in their hearts.

We also want to acknowledge that there will be some heartache attached to this move as they leave their Daughter Candie & their 3 Grand Kids behind. They will also be separated form our dear, dear Friend Mary Wood as well as Mike & Jill Florant. Please pray for all of them as Rene & Debbie answer God's call to service with us.

In His Grip
AL & Linda

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Road to Healing!

Spiritual Formation

I wanted to share a bit with all of you, whoever you are ha ha (not sure who reads this anymore) just exactly what is going on here in L.B (NO not Long Beach) when we have our Thursday Night Study. We are seeing an awesome explosion of the people getting the word in this classroom style setting. We begin exactly at 7:05pm, do one worship song and then start right in. We go straight through the lesson with the opportunity for them to ask questions along the way.

At the Midway point I always ask if they want to take a break and the answer is always No! These folks sit for a minimum of 75-80 Min's until we are done and they don't even flinch.
(there not allowed to complain) ha ha just kidding. Here are just a few shots of the folks!
This pic was taken about 10 Min's before the study started
Jorge is showing Pancho how a pencil works. The Seniors are Doug & Ilene from Anaheim who live in Los Banos now.
This is a great shot @ the diversity that is here. R.J (in red) & Jovana (hat & glasses) are both Jr's in high school that attend.

These people don't know how to go home they love to fellowship
This is a new couple Mike & Debbie who found their way to the fellow ship and love being taught the word of God.

No doubt this is an answer to your prayers so I ask PLEASE continue to pray for us here in Los Banos. We are seeing every aspect of growth & warfare because of it. How we long to see you all again so until then enjoy the report of your labor

Lord Bless

Monday, October 12, 2009


Linda and I were paid a surprise visit from none other than these little wonderful babies
(thank you Nina for bringing them)
They are growing up so fast
Ada got Charlotte a cake we could all share ha ha but wouldn't you know it Charlotte ate every single morsel of hers!
and here is the proof!
what a great blessing it was to see them again even if it was for a short time my heart was overwhelmed!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes its about ME!
Yesterday was my grand daughter Charlotte's 2nd Birthday!
It is the first time that I was not able to make any of my Grand daughters Birthday's and as a grandparent that sucks! Yes I said it ha ha cause that's how it feels! Now that being said my prayer is that my Son, Nina, Nevaeh & Char are able to get through this week as they are apart with Al working in Oxnard and Nina waiting for her new homestead to open next Monday so please keep them in prayer!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

The 50's Club

Recently Linda and I went on a Motorcycle run with my "brother Tony" ha ha (how's that bro?) We rode down thru Pismo Beach and then after a nights rest we all rode up the coast to Monterey on highway 1. To say the least it was foggy and cold so these 50's folks were feeling the arthritis for sure ha ha

Linda probably thinking "what the heck did he get me into this time"

We were headed to Monterey and then another 80 miles home to
the big town of L.B (no not long beach)
I will show you in April why I put this photo in

This is Pacific Grove next to the golf course that we had taken earlier in the week. This is where Mike and I golfed the last time he was here and where we are going to take Rene & Debbie on a picnic when they get here ha ha! This is where
Tony & Juana/ Linda & I go to for spiritual refueling

Couldn't help had to throw one in of Tony with his Darth Vader helmet.
Ck out the white walls and the Ocean!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not Many Words Needed!

This seems to be the vast message that is resonating loud and clear in the world today. there doesn't seem to be much time left for those who are "walking the fence", "waiting to see" or "I am not ready yet." If you are one of those people and you have family members praying for you to give your life to Christ........HURRY UP! Stop playing the game before its too late.

We have several in our Fellowship who are dealing with unsaved Parents, Brothers & Sisters & Kids. We must kick it in to overdrive keep praying, keep sharing, keep believing that God would grab them. They will hate you now but thank you in the end!

In His Grip

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back Up & Running

Well ok walking maybe! I have been down for a couple of days with a bad cold that doggonnit went into my chest and everyone who knows me knows what that means. I have been barking like a seal the past few days but praise God I am up and around. Linda got hit for about 24 hrs but the woman is amazing. That was all she was down, yes makes me look like a whimpy guy. Oh well I am a blessed whimpy guy. I am so thankful that this all took place after the grand babies were here and not during that week.

Trying to get some administrative stuff done around here (anyone know a good administrator) who would love to live 80 miles from Monterey? Ha Ha I probably could throw in some golf in the package the only thing required is you must trust God!

I just wanted to throw out a holler to let you all know Linda and I are doing fine and miss everyone

In His Grip

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now What do I Do?

The Cubbies from Dulla's Den have gone home
All it took was a new outfit from N.Y and
Charlotte fell for it

And Nevaeh with her spiffy new N.Y Hat
gosh it didnt take much
I had the most awesome blessing of praying with them every night when they were here. No it wasn't a prayer marathon this is just how Charlotte rolls when she prays. She hangs on until the end when she shouts out "Amen"

The house is quiet now, no more little voices yelling "Bapa" where are you? Linda is really and truly a wonderful helpmate and "Ada" to the girls. I would have never been able to provide them with all the "Adventures" that we did to which I thank God for her.

I finally got the bonding time with Charlotte that I always had with Nevaeh and now i long to see them again. I love you girls!

Always Bapa