Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back Up & Running

Well ok walking maybe! I have been down for a couple of days with a bad cold that doggonnit went into my chest and everyone who knows me knows what that means. I have been barking like a seal the past few days but praise God I am up and around. Linda got hit for about 24 hrs but the woman is amazing. That was all she was down, yes makes me look like a whimpy guy. Oh well I am a blessed whimpy guy. I am so thankful that this all took place after the grand babies were here and not during that week.

Trying to get some administrative stuff done around here (anyone know a good administrator) who would love to live 80 miles from Monterey? Ha Ha I probably could throw in some golf in the package the only thing required is you must trust God!

I just wanted to throw out a holler to let you all know Linda and I are doing fine and miss everyone

In His Grip

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now What do I Do?

The Cubbies from Dulla's Den have gone home
All it took was a new outfit from N.Y and
Charlotte fell for it

And Nevaeh with her spiffy new N.Y Hat
gosh it didnt take much
I had the most awesome blessing of praying with them every night when they were here. No it wasn't a prayer marathon this is just how Charlotte rolls when she prays. She hangs on until the end when she shouts out "Amen"

The house is quiet now, no more little voices yelling "Bapa" where are you? Linda is really and truly a wonderful helpmate and "Ada" to the girls. I would have never been able to provide them with all the "Adventures" that we did to which I thank God for her.

I finally got the bonding time with Charlotte that I always had with Nevaeh and now i long to see them again. I love you girls!

Always Bapa

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cubbies Hit the Ranch

Our good Friend and Brother in the Lord Pat Cotta invited the girls out to his ranch in Dos Palos (2 Sticks) to ride the horses and get as dirty as the girls could. Today was a breezey 80' day with plenty of cool air blowing through the trees.

We loaded up the Cubbies and off to the Ranch we headed. I do want to warn you of one thing though. You know how grand parents always put the best pic's of their grand kids out to try to impress people? We dont need to do that @ Dulla's Den you see we are just real people. So that being said what do you get when you mix a light skinned baby from santa ana, ca who has been wiped down with sunscreen and then let her lose on a ranch?

please scroll down

YUP you guessed it......Charlotte!

I no sooner set her on the ground saw her playing with dirt actually whe was trying to feed this dog some dirt

She kept saying "EAT, EAT" I had to tell her they dont eat dirt

Nevaeh and Ada doing what they love most

Yes even Miss Mag Pie got to ride the big "Horsey"

We then went to another Ranch and watched them rope a mechanical bull. Charlotte say's
"see dat" and the funny thing is after almost a week I understand tongues and can even interpret them(her's anyway).

It was obvious we were way out of our element not only by our dress but when I had to pull out the "fishy crackers" and the bottle water ha ha!

None the less the girls had their share of "dirt pie" and then it was off to the Big City of Los Banos now for chow and nite nite time cause Bapa was tired.

Oh and someone else got to ride the horse as well she looked just like she did back in the day when she used to jump horses!

In His Grip
AL (aka Bapa)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Cubbies @ Dulla's Den

Linda and I ventured out to "Casa De Fruita" with Nevaeh & Charlotte on Tues.
We rode the Train & the Horsey go round thingy ma Bob!

Nevaeh Loved the train
Charlotte actually Laughed
Linda tries to hide
Char stays on with out help
Nevaeh Loves Horses
Charlotte wants to know why she just cant eat them
Miss Thang
Would did you think you can take a pic by them and not expect them to want one?
I am so busted by my Son & Nina
Wed we had a picnic & Sonia's HouseI told Char "smile" and she decided to strike this pose
The girls loved the picnic
The thrill of her life
Char was wondering where its eyes were
Wilma sniffed Char's head and she freaked
Linda showing Nevaeh how to feed the Horse small carrots
We then stopped of at the corner drug store for you guessed it
I am so busted again yes char ate the WHOLE thing
Nevaeh just loved her afternoon not to mention her Sunday

All I know is I did not have any Grandparents to show me how to be one so I asked the Lord how to do this role. He said "love them the way you would have wanted to be loved by your Grandparents" and that is what I did. I have to say with out Linda none of this is possible. she works tirelessly and we have an even greater appreciation for Nina ha ha!

They are a blast it is odd to see my Son in both of them when he was both their ages. I am proud to be their BAPA!

In His Grip

Friday, August 7, 2009


Linda & I will be taking care of my Granddaughters Nevaeh & Charlotte this next week. They are on their way today, Fri the 7th and will be here until the 16th. Needless to say I may be a little tardy on the posts from here on out but I ask for your forgiveness ahead of time. It will be interesting to see how this little adventure will pan out ha ha. They may just totally bond with me or say "Dad please don't make us stay with Bapa ever again." Thank the Lord I have Linda to show me how to take care of Lil Girls.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

She is on the CASE!

Juror #4

Can you believe that Linda got chosen to be on a jury in Merced. This town is 35 miles away what is up with that? Ha ha! her case is...... well she cant talk about it. Doubtless you'll see it on cspan or Fox news because it is such a puny case they don't even put it in the town paper ha ha!

Yes we live in a big Metropolis where there is a church on every corner (we have 4) and we are over loaded with visitors who stop by to see where cracker jacks are made (just kidding). Linda hopefully will wrap up the case after she knocks the attorney out for dragging it on and get back home where she is needed more ha ha.

Blessings to all we have a super duper week ahead of us as my grand babies will be coming to town to visit Bapa & Ada