Thursday, June 25, 2009

Been Almost a Week!

We have been experiencing some very interesting additions to our Little group here in Los Banos. This past Sunday we had two new families that both had 2 children. It is kind of weird to have that kind of addition here as we are used to solos or at the most couples. At the Tues class "Spiritual Formation" the folks seemed like they did not want to leave. They just kept asking questions about this and about that as it pertained to our lesson, "Chastisement." It was a total blessing to be available for them. There is something to when God speaks His word into the heart of man and we actually listen. I sometimes look back on my walk and see the errors of my ways and realize how important it is to be fed the whole counsel of God's Word. It is in that view that I see His grace and Mercy and how it is all about HIM!
I want to again express to all of you how important your prayers are to us and to the continued work here in Los Banos. This brothers and sisters need your prayers and they acknowledge you in theirs as well.
In His Grip

Friday, June 19, 2009


Several months ago Linda started a garden BY HERSELF! Unlike the one some "lady" started back east where the news crews made a big thing about planting a garden at the white house...whatever! Anyway's there were no camera's here no big hullabaloo just some good ol hard work and now I want to share the fruit of her labor with you with out her approval!


this is her corn but i guess you figured that out already.... whatever!

Tomatoes or is it Tomotoes

Linda trying to hide form the camera in her plant
Al's Bid fat hand in the squash

Hey i just wanted to get in the picture ok
Look at them babies ready for the grill
This is how we roll in L.B (no not long beach)

Linda has worked very, very hard in her garden. We have not had to buy the vegetables in the grocery store for a while now and plan on having some melons out of this as well. If you ever find yourself near hwy 152 & Interstate 5 stop in and have some BBQ Zuccini with us.
One last photo for you The Lone Bell Pepper Plant
(see the lone pepper in the middle)

Blessings Al

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Week goes by

I cant believe it has been a week now since My Mother in Law went home to So Cal. This is a photo we took of some deer when we took Norma to Pacific Grove. These lil guys just stood there eating the flowers they were amazing. Time seems to be flying by and haven't really heard much from folks back home guess its the "outta sight outta mind" thing. It has been now TOO long since I have seen my Grand daughters and that's not cool. I hope everyone is is doing well.
In His Grip

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Los Banos Visitor

Norma comes for a visit!
This past week my Mother in Law came for a visit and what a wonderful time we had with her. We are thankful when anyone comes to the Big Metropolis of Los Banos to visit us. There is sooo much to do here in L.B Norma enjoyed our Morning breakfast's out on the patio and then devotions with the cool wind blowing in the A.m She got to see first hand the folks here who come to the Fellowship and now there are faces to the names ha ha. They all loved her and had a great time with her. It was especially good for Linda to have family here (hint, hint) as she spends a lot of time keeping me going. (hey it takes work being with me ok) "Anyway's," we enjoyed some of Linda's garden delights while Norma was here and they were delicious!. The Florants will be here next month and I heard a rumor my Grand Girls will be out in Aug for a few days so if you plan a vacation and it runs down I-5 stop by and rest in L.B
(no not Long Beach)
We would love to have you!
In His Grip