Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Day in the Life of Nevaeh's Summer

The smile tells it all!
"Here we are at Angel Acres"

Getting some expert tips from Ada she's the best @ horses!
Nevaeh is a fast learner and absolutely loves doing this
"Do we need de-tangler for their tails Ada"
"A good cowgirl carries her own saddle Bapa don't you know that?"
Next comes the blanket
Then the saddle
Have you ever seen a brighter smile I think she is happy what say you?
A little final instruction
"Ok, Nevaeh off you go remember your the boss"
If her dad could see her on this big beast he would flip
"Come on Star lets get going"
"Heck I ain't afraid of no Horse I'm gonna stand right on this fence"
"Yikes here they come"
"Seriously Bapa, you think I am just gonna sit here and look cute?"
"This is what I'm talking about food baby, food"

Nevaeh on day 3 going in and out of poles

It was just weird watching my lil grand daughter ride away on this big ol thing

I don't see what all the fuss is I don't need no stinkin lessons Bapa
just open that gate and let me at this"

Linda and will treasure this week with Nevaeh & Charlotte. They had so much fun getting to run around the house hanging with Bapa & Ada. We miss them so much thank you Lord for the time

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