Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank You Jesus

He crossed the path Home
How I thank all of you for the massive prayers that went out this week in honor of my Dad going home to be with the Lord. With complete assurance my Father is now where he needed to be, W/Jesus!

I cannot begin to tell you how the Lord held up all of my family and especially my brother Robert both yesterday & Today. We are finally at the end of the ordeal and now will begin down a New Journey in the quest of seeing our loved ones again.

May God richly bless your efforts for standing in the gap with us.

In His Grip

Monday, May 24, 2010


ALBERT ABDULLA SR. 4/01/33 - 5/22/10
It is with a heavy heart that I share with all of you the passing of my Father. Known as "Grandpa Dulla" to his grand kids, Dad to my siblings, and just plain "Pop" to me. My sister Linda and I have spent the last week doing 24 hr care for him at his house with my Brother Robert & Sister Juanita coming during the day to assist us. No doubt it has been a very long 2 weeks and needless to say I am very tired. Thank you all for your prayers for us and most of all thank you for being you. MY brother in law Richard and I will be conducting a "Celebration Service" Wed Night in Fresno & then taking part in the funeral in a Catholic church on Thurs. Pray that the Lord gives me EXACTLY the right words to share. I was blessed to lead my Father to Jesus about 3 yrs ago and even though he did not live a life of service to the Lord I know that He is with Him now. I will probably no doubt write a book on the last 2 weeks of my life and share all the joyful and bizarre happenings and how God took care of all of it.

In His Grip

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Family Needs Prayer

Pray for my Dad Albert
I will no doubt be away from the ability to post anything for awhile so please know I am thinking of you all. I have been going back & forth to Fresno as my Dad is in literally his last hours here on this earth. My Brother Robert & I my sisters Juanita & Linda have been giving him around the clock care so he does not have to be alone when it happens. We are going through a lot of mixed emotions for sure. I know that God is and will continue to lift me through this.

I am asking a special prayer for my Brother Robert who is taking this EXTREMELY hard. I had the pleasure of leading my Father to Jesus about 2 1/2 yrs ago so I do know his future. My Brother in law Richard and I were reading the bible to him yesterday and it was the only peace he could muster up. I love my Pops, but I know its time to say goodbye and its not easy. How I thank God for all of you who have been my supporters in all we have done here. I will depend on your prayers and am so thankful for them. May the Lord bless you and I will be back soon!

In His Grip