Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Did This Happen?


I woke up this morning with this cool looking car on my mind.

I thought to my self "WOW what do me and this car have in common?"

1. Were both pretty beefy
2. we both like the same color
3. There is a lot of power under the hood still
4. We both shine
5. We both have seen many presidents
6. We both made it through the gas rationing days of the 70's
7. We saw the age of the hippie
8. Vietnam
9. Gulf Wars (2)
10. Loser presidents (Clinton & O'slama)
11. got saved (me in Jesus and it in the auction)

The list went on & on but then I realized really the only thing that we actually had in common was we both turned:

How did that happen?
Why does it happen?
That's right you heard me I turned:
I guess the greatest thing I have going for me is

My Salvation
2. My lovely wife
3. My beautiful grand babies
4. That I can still see to type this

and to tell you thank you all for putting up with me for all these years!

"Happy Birthday To Me"

Cant you just hear the joy in my voice as I sing it?

blessings Al

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